There is no denying the fact that the English Premier League happens to be the best sporting League in the world. But do you think it has any form of credence, and what would be the case when you compare it to the other football leagues of the world? Watch premier league live online has gone on to witness a major upsurge in the front of the number. Do you think is there any guidelines for declaring it the best sporting League in the world? There is a need to think about passion, competition, unpredictability and atmosphere.

  • What is going to set up the EPL is the hot competition for the top spot in this League. In comparison to the other leagues in the world, this is not going to be the case.
  • In most of the other leagues, the competition for the top spot is restricted in 2 to 3 teams. But when it comes to the EPL there are close to 6 teams who have a realistic chance of winning the league. So, the competitive nature of this event is way beyond when you compare it to other sporting events globally. A testimony to this fact is Leichester city winning the EPL in the 2015 – 2016 season. It would be really hard to believe how a small club won the league. The question that comes to my mind is how did this happen? Once again it has to be said that the unpredictable nature of the league has left behind a profound impact.

The Premier League does have its own set of admirers and let us figure out the reasons why it has gone on to become a top draw among the masses.

The players who are part of the League

The best of the players is part of this League. The answer to this question is yes. But it does not make sense to measure excellence at an individual level. One thing you need to be aware of is that football is a team game. When you add up the top international players who are playing in the EPL it stands to be on the higher side when you compare it to any other league in the world.

What this is going to mean in terms of pure football.? If you happen to be a regular spectator at EPL the chances are high that you will be watching top international players in action, and it is not only when the teams are expected to turn up. This is expected to have a major difference in the quality of the league and provides a definite edge when you compare it to the other sporting leagues of the world.

Tournament internationals

How you are aware that EPL has more quality internationals when you compare it with the other players of the world? You can get the answer to this question when you see the top international players who turn out for their respective countries in the Euro cup or the world cup. One thing is for sure the EPL is way ahead in terms of numbers when you compare it to the other sporting leagues of the world.


During the course of the league games, there is no longer any need to travel to play in a world-class stadium. The settings, viewing and other facilities are nothing short of exceptional. Apart from this, you are expected to have an impeccable football field for the rest of the season.

All the top clubs in the EPL do have their own home grounds. This includes the traditional Old Trafford where Manchester United plies their trade with the Emirates ground the home venue for the Arsenal club. It has to be said that the so-called smaller clubs have their own grounds that comply with international standards.

TV coverage

The moment airing of the EPL started off in the year 1965 on your black and white screens, it was seen that only a handful of people tuned in to watch the highlights of the matches. But things have undergone a major transformation in the last 35 years to 40 years as EPL is being watched by 600 million people at a global level. It is close to 200 odd countries and the number is not expected to drop anytime soon.

The matches are broadcast live and anticipated on social media channels. The income that is generated from this league is at an enormous level, but the best part about this league is that it is being distributed among the top 20 clubs who are part of this event. This is with the exception of the Bundesliga where the money goes on to the top club that has the maximum coverage.

So why is the reason that EPL is one of the most popular and admired leagues in the world. It is due to the fact that the depth and quality of the league are next to none.

The competition that is part of the league

Just look at the top clubs in the EPL and ask yourself the question, do they have a realistic chance of winning the league. The answer to this question is close to 4 to 5 clubs have a chance of winning it and a few could be termed as dark horse contenders. This is a level of competition that you are not going to have anywhere in the world.

In a league like Spain there are only a couple of teams who are fighting for the top spot. In Italy it will be three and in Germany it may be a couple of them. Let us look at Netherlands as earlier it was three to four clubs but it has gone on to drop in numbers to 2. The top clubs are lying challenge on the converted title on a regular basis. Even the level of competition does tend to increase on a season to season basis.